Steadfast Gracie. Franklin High School, Class of 2019 and Kelly and Logan 2018-19 Senior Model. She is strong-willed and independent. She has an infectious laugh and leans into the truth of the gospel, pursuing a relationship with the Lord sweetly and consistently. I’ve so loved getting to walk along side her in life over the past four years as her YoungLife Leader! She is mature and personable, easy to talk to, an advocate for all that she loves and whom she loves, goofy and kind. Last year, she raised the money in 30 minutes to save a horse from a kill pen and have her shipped from Texas to train and find a new home. If that doesn’t describe Gracie Long and her heart and perseverance, I’m not sure what does!

She is the co-president of Franklin Girls’ Cotillion. She is a barrel racer and teaches horseback riding to young girls. She is involved with Franklin YoungLife throughout the week and is a senior leader for freshmen girls.

Gracie–Thankful to know you, thankful to call you a friend!

1. Gracie would describe herself as independent, social, and strong. Some of her favorite things to do in her free time are ride her horse, spend time with others, and talk politics with her dad.

2. Even though senior year is a year of lasts for Gracie, she is looking forward to experiencing things with her friends and family one more time. She hopes to make the most out of the year and to make memories that she’ll cherish forever.

3. Her favorite high school memories so far have been going to Young Life with her best friends and watching the Franklin football team finally take down their rival this year. She said the game was full of energy and it was a blast to be on the fence cheering her team on!

4. After high school, Gracie hopes to go to school at the University of Alabama or the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. She is still figuring out exactly what she wants to study, but she is leaning towards something related to business and/or photography.

5. If Gracie could only eat one food for the rest of her life, she would hands down pick Chick Fil A. She said that anyone who knows her knows she is “extremely obsessed and would eat there 24/7 if she could”.

6. When asked which photos from her Senior Portrait Session defined her best, Gracie said any of the images of her with her horse, Rio. She is most comfortable around her horses and being around them is her favorite place to be.

7. Gracie loved being a Kelly and Logan Senior Model because of how fun and laid back the whole experience was. She said that she typically does not enjoy having her photo taken, but with Kelly and Logan it was different. She never felt awkward or uncomfortable, and said that Kelly and Logan were a lot of fun to be around.

8. Gracie would recommend Kelly and Logan Photography to others because of how easy and fun her experience was. She felt listened to and appreciated that Kelly and Logan really let her make the session her own. Gracie also loved Kelly and Logan’s focus on creating natural pictures that are unique to each person.

July 10, 2018

Gracie | Franklin Bicentennial Park Senior Session | 2019