Choosing a Session Date for Your Senior Session

Choosing your session date should go further than simply when you are available or which deadlines need to be met. While both are obviously important, booking your session in different seasons plays a major role in the style of the session as a whole.

Lighting, wardrobe selection, time of day, color scheme, natural outdoor elements, and location availability are all important aspects of choosing the right session date for you. Read below for pros and cons to booking sessions in each season!


Mid June-Mid September

STYLE: Bright, Warm Images | Bright and Bold Colors | Sundresses, Skirts, Rompers for Girls | Polo Shirts and Shorts for Guys | Lots of Greenery Outdoors

PROS: Warm weather | No school hours to account for | Done before busyness of Senior year | All images ready for yearbook deadlines

CONS: Heat and humidity | Sessions scheduled late in the day | Nice outfits (oxford button downs, khakis, etc.) for boys tend to show a lot of sweat


Late September-November

STYLE: Soft, Warm Images | Deep colors | Fitted Outfits, Jumpsuits, Maxi Dresses for Girls| Khakis, button-downs, etc. for Guys | Wheat fields and neutral tones outdoors

PROS: Perfect Temperatures | Meet yearbook deadlines | Soft tones in camera are most flattering | Stunning color imagery

CONS: Begin session before school lets out (after daylight savings changes) | Weather can be temperamental


December-Mid March

STYLE: Neutral, Cool Images | Soft, Darker colors | Layered outfits for both girls and guys-Sweaters, vests, jackets, etc. | Possibility of snow, icicles, neutral tones

PROS: Senior has possibly chosen college or post-grad plans (featured in session) | Holiday decor adorns city/town | No humidity

CONS: Very Cold | Session begins EARLY in day | Missed yearbook deadlines


Late March-Mid June

STYLE: Bright Images | Pastels and Bright Colors | Maxi/Sundresses, jumpsuits, white jeans | Guys in Easter best, or casual outfits | Flowers and bright greenery

PROS: Perfect Temperatures | Lush outdoor settings | Scheduled after school |Senior is closest to graduating–not too early to miss growth of senior year

CONS: Miss yearbook deadlines | Busy Season for Senior families


Is there a grouping that you are particularly drawn to? I’d encourage you to be intentional about the time of year you plan your senior session! Style, location, color, mood, tones, and yearbook deadlines are all important factors to consider! Keep these in mind as you begin planning!

I’m taking bookings through the 2020 Calendar year! It is never to early to get on the books–even for my Fall and Winter session lovers! Reach out today!


April 30, 2020

Choosing Your Session Date: Pros and Cons of Each Season